100% All Natural Gourmet Pet Treats


Marley looking serious

Marley looking serious

Marley jumping for joy!

For those of you who don’t know me yet, my name is Marley and I am the reason Mika & Sammy’s exists. Not to brag, but I’m one good looking dog! However, my talents extend far beyond my good looks. I am currently the CPO, Chief Pet Officer of Mika & Sammy’s Gourmet Pet Treats. In other words, I run the show! I have countless daily duties (I said duties!!! lol) like sleeping, eating, playing smell a butt with my other dog pals, but most importantly I am the head taste tester. Which means if a treat isn’t good enough for me, it isn’t good enough for your dog either. Not like I’m not busy enough I recently decided to take on more work and write my own blog. And what will the blog be about? Of course, it will be about my favorite topic, ME! So be sure to check back with me every Monday. I promise to keep you smiling! Also be sure to check me out on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter @MikaAndSammys


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