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IT’S MARLEY MONDAY! It’s time to start smokin’ bones people!

Goggles On & I'm ready to start smoking our world famous Smoked Beef Marrow Bones!

Goggles On & I’m ready to start smoking our world famous Smoked Beef Marrow Bones!

Check out this video of who else, ME, Marley!

It’s Monday and we all know what that means…IT’S MARLEY MONDAY, my day to bark at y’all humans! As you already know I’m the CPO, Chief Pet Officer of Mika & Sammy’s! Today is Monday, my favorite day of the week! Why is it my favorite day of the week you ask, because it’s Smoking Monday people! That’s right, we smoke our world famous Beef Marrow Bones every Monday! Don’t get me wrong, we smoke bones almost daily. But on Mondays, I allow myself to cheat on my diet and indulge a bit! That is right, I’m on a doggy diet! The reason why, it’s long & drawn out. Therefore, I’ll save it for another day, another time! As for me, I’m signing out…I have bones to smoke, bones to chew & then relaxin’… doggy style baby! After chewing on one of our Smoked Beef Marrow Bones I am wiped out! Oh yeah, your doggy is definitely jealous of me right now! But never fear, Marley is here & I’m ready to throw your dog a bone(pun intended…or shall I say bone intended)! All you have to do to get your paws on our Smoked Beef Marrow Bones is to go to our product page and simply buy one for your pooch right now! I promise you won’t be sorry! Not only will your doggy have hours of chewing satisfaction, but you too will have hours to do whatever it is you humans do for hours. If your anything like my parents that mean lots of barking and the occasional bite!

Signing out,

Marley Senders, Chief Pet Officer

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