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It’s Monday people! You know what that means, IT’S MARLEY MONDAY!!! Yeah, yeah, yeah I know it’s late but it’s my blog so I post when I want to!!!

Today, Marley Monday, by the way, I just love ruff ruffing Marley Monday! Anyway, lately I've had a case of ...
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Top 10 Reasons It’s Good to be a Dog

Top 10 Reasons It's Good to be a Dog 1. If it itches - you can scratch it - even ...
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IT’S MARLEY MONDAY! It’s time to start smokin’ bones people!

Check out this video of who else, ME, Marley! It's Monday and we all know what that means...IT'S MARLEY MONDAY, ...
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Wacky Wednesday Daily Post!

Check out these cats rocking their Donald Trump hair do's!!! http://www.today.com/pets/trumpyourcat-reveals-cats-donald-trump-hair-t31961 ...
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This is a follow up to our earlier post. This is a MUST SEE FOR ALL LOVERS OF RESCUED DOGS!

This is a MUST SEE! Please click on the link below and watch this video by Sports Illustrated! We dedicate ...
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Sochi Olympians’ rescue dogs are all grown up, completely adorable

This is a wonderful story that truly touched our hearts! http://www.today.com/pets/sochi-olympians-rescue-dogs-are-all-grown-adorable-t31186 ...
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Marley jumping for joy! For those of you who don't know me yet, my name is Marley and I am ...
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Mika & Sammy’s on YouTube

Within the next day or so we will be launching our own YouTube Channel, Mika & Sammy's Gourmet Pet Treats! ...
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